Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Missed Out!

Our whole office building is in the middle of painting and getting new carpet, along with doing a switcheroo on offices.  I decided to take this opportunity to do some redecorating.  Expect a post in the near future on my new space.

But, that's not what I wanted to share with you today.  Have you ever spotted a dress on ebay or etsy and fell in love, but didn't have time to really look or purchase at the moment?  So you add it to your watch list or your favorites to go back later, only to find that it sold in the meantime.  Disappointingly, this is what happened to me recently.

I found this darling 1950s polka dotted four leaf clover dress and thought how perfect it would be for Saint Patricks Day.  Some other lucky lady snapped this one up before I had a chance to go back and really look at it.  Good news is that it would have been too small for me anyway, but it really made me stop and think about my purchasing habits.

I miss out on a lot of really nice dresses by hesitating.  I think I need to adopt the policy of - If I love it, and it fits, buy it now. Does this ever happen to you ladies?  What do you think of this darling dress?  I love the little ladybug accents.


  1. I have the problem of forgetting or getting to cocky on an ebay bid and then find out it's over and I lost.

  2. Omg yes that has happened sooo many times! I feel though that if a dress is meant for me then I will get it somehow lol So one thing I do is keep the ones I really want in my cart on etsy-ebay is trickier bc you have to makes bids but some people will accept a best offer and such so its worth talking to the sellers and finding out if they have a payment plan or can reserve it for you. I def agree with you-if you love it and its your size-you must snatch it as soon as possible!! Great post mama! xox

  3. That dress is too cute for words! I say if it's within budget and you love it buy it. There have been items I wished I'd bought but didn't. Then again sometimes I wait a while before buying something and I'll find something I like and is cheaper.

  4. This happens to me all of the time. To be fair, I love way too many things.

    I have started to come to the conclusion that either (1) if I put it on my favorite list or watch list and forget it, it wasn't meant to be or (2) if I must have it and absolutely can't be without it, I'll ask for a hold or pay for it on the spot.


  5. Oh my word, that dress is so terrifically darling! I can completely see why you were smitten with it. You have my complete and total sympathy and understanding here, darling lady. I've had this same scenario play out more times than I can count (it comes part and parcel with having a very tight budget and often having to put off buying items you spot and want to get). After a while you forget about certain items, but others stick with you forever as the ones "that got away". When this happens, frustrating as it is, I remind myself that it simply must not have been meant to be (and hope that something even better is waiting out there for me to find it).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Yes, this has happened to me too:) One time I was mere seconds away from purchasing and someone swiped it from me in Etsy. I was thinking that I might like something else from the shop so I wanted to look around first. I ended up not liking anything and going to pay for it and it was sold:( I'm glad it didn't quite fit this way you can feel better:)) Good thing is that there is always something else in the future that you are going to like!

  7. I have been there loads of times. And I agree, if you can afford it, and it fits, GET IT! :-D

  8. Not to make you feel worse about missing out on that dress, but OMG that is such a cute dress! I think there are pros and cons to the buy it now motto and the wait for it motto. I used to just buy anything whenever I saw it, and it really is not good for the pocket book (I actually haven't quite that habit completely, eek). I also wind up with an uneven closet as I tend to fall in love with dresses more than separates, but I wear separates more than dresses. Vicious cycle... I'm sure you'll find something just as lovely in the future.

    Hellcat Vintage

  9. Hello, Hun!
    So lovely! ♥ Why don't we follow each other? :)



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