Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Florals

A couple days ago we had a freak snow storm and got another 4 inches of snow.  The very next day it warmed up and melted every bit of it away.  This has been the craziest weather I have seen for some time.  But, I am hopeful that Spring is just around the corner as I have some crocus blooming in my yard.  In honor of those tiny yellow and purple blooms that are causing my heart to pitter patter, I thought I would share some beautiful floral dresses that I have been looking at lately.  They are actual vintage dresses available on Etsy, brimming with beautiful, colorful flowers.

Floral dress from Dear Golden
This lovely 1960s vintage chiffon dress has a 26" waist and is in DearGolden's shop

50s Vintage Party Dress
This darling blue 50s vintage party dress has a 27" waist and can be found here.

1950's Ceil Chapman Draped Floral SIlk Cocktail Dress
Look at the waist detail on this beautiful 1950's Ceil Chapman Draped Floral SIlk Cocktail dress. It has a 27" waist and can be found here.

1950s Floral Tea Party Dress
Here's a lovely 50s Tea Party dress with a 26" waist that you can find here.
1940s Draped Dress
The draping on this 40s is amazing.  It has a 28" waist and you can find it here.

1930s Day Dress
Here's a cheerful 1930s day dress with a 32" waist that can be found here.
Well, there you have it.  I hope these dresses inspire you and bring thoughts of Spring to your mind, as they have mine.  What have you been looking at lately?


  1. Oooohh, this wonderful post is dangerous for my wallet. :) Seriously though, I absolutely adore each and everyone of these beautiful mid-century floral print dresses. There's no pattern I love more than a classic vintage floral (which explains why parts of my closet look rather like a garden! :) ).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. All lovely, but as you say, the draping of the brown floral is stunning, and it's so unusual. My days of a 28 waist are long gone though! I am loving orange/tangerine at present - maybe a brown fabric with tangerine flowers, or fruit.... I will start looking!


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