Saturday, June 23, 2012

Online Shopping

For some time now I have been obsessed with all things vintage, but living in a small rural southern town doesn't allow one many options in the way of shopping, antiquing or thrifting.  Thank goodness for Ebay and Etsy!  Because of the limited shopping options in my area, I like to utilize online shopping.  The one complaint I have though is that you don't have the opportunity to touch and feel the item, nor try it on for fit and comfort.  A few times I have purchased an item online and absolutely loved it, until I received it.  Not that the item was misrepresented by the seller, but it just wasn't what I had expected, it didn't fit just right or flatter my figure.  This isn't always the case as I have purchased items online that I love and wear often.  But a lot of time I will see a cute little dress that catches my eye, or the perfect accessory or handbag, and I will hesitate to buy them for fear of being dissatisfied with my purchase.  I'm sure I have missed out on a lot of great things this way.

Here are a few things that I currently have my eye on.  Do you guys have a wish list too?

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