Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wrapping Gifts

This weekend I will be attending my cousin's wedding.  I will also be making her wedding cake so watch for a post on that in the future.  The cake will be my gift to them so there is no need for wrapping paper, but it made me start thinking about the different papers you find in your local store.  There is never any that truly appeals to me and it's usually very cheap, thin paper that tears easily.  Well, this morning I see a post in my facebook feed linking to a company manufacturing and selling vintage/retro wrapping paper and cards.  I immediately had to check this out.  Can you say, Adorable?!

The company is Sweet Vintage Wrapping Paper and they produce their own line of retro/vintage cards and stationary for many different occasions.  All of their designs are actual reproductions of a private vintage collection.  Their products are American made, high quality and reasonably priced.  I am tickled pink with this discovery and I'm placing an order now.  I cant wait to wrap a gift!

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