Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Lady in Red

Yesterday I read this post by Chronically Vintage in which Jessica spoke about being featured on fellow blogger Kathleen Lisson's blog, That's a Pretty Hat.  Both of these lovely ladies regularly wear hats and it made me consider why I do not.  I mean, I like hats and think that ladies look lovely wearing them.  So why then have I not purchased any of my own?  

This last statement is not an entirely true statement because I do, in fact, own a couple hats.  I have a straw wide brimmed sun hat that occasionally I will wear at the beach and I also have a straw cowboy style hat that I occasionally wear to some southern function.

With both of these hats, they are worn on occasions when I would not feel out of place with the general population.  Could I really be that self conscious of wearing something on my head that would make me stand out?  Me?  The "weird" lady (in this small town) who already goes around wearing vintage clothes and styling her hair in decades old styles?

Thinking about this made me remember that I regularly sported a beauty of a red felt hat while in high school.   It had a cute little black feather on the side.  Here are a couple photos of me in said hat from way back in 1978.  (Now, don't be trying to do the math with my age, it takes more fingers and toes than I've got!)

Retro Gran | circa 1978 red felt hat
Notice the blue shimmery eye shadow.

Retro Gran | circa 1978 red felt hat
Some amazing red lipstick!  Wonder what shade that was!

I liked this hat, and I remember how special I felt while wearing it.  So, I think it is time for me to rectify this hat situation of mine, don't you?  I already wear scarves, flowers and snoods in my hair, so why not a hat?  Why not, indeed!


  1. I feel so touched to know that my post about Kathleen's post inspired you to think more about wearing hats. I truly believe that anyone who wants to can successfully wear vintage hats. It helps to start with classic/basic shapes in dark/neutral hues and pair them with similar wardrobe pieces (say a black tilt hat with a black suit or cocktail dress), and get really used to seeing yourself in hats with such looks. Once those kinds of hats feel like second nature, branch out and start exploring more whimsical styles and colours. If you're anything like I was, you'll soon find that there isn't a hat alive that you aren't willing to at least try on :)

    I support your hat wearing 100% and am always here to chat chapeaus anytime you'd like.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, it means so much to know that I will have your help, advice and support as I ease out of my comfort zone.


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