Monday, February 11, 2013

Busy Homemaker

I have been busy, busy lately.  I've done some cooking and baking plus some sewing.  On the cooking front, I decided to make pizza for dinner the other evening and since it is getting close to Valentine's Day, I decided to shape our pizza into a heart.  What do you think?

Heart shaped pizza

I also made a pineapple pizza with a stuffed crust for my son.  I used string cheese to fill the crust with, but we weren't happy with the results, so I will be testing this again with a different type of cheese.  Any suggestions?

Stuffed crust pizza

While I was in the cooking mood I decided to make my sweetie a special dessert, or two, actually.  I am under the thoughts that you can never have too many or too much dessert!  Anyway, this first one is a Cherry Shortcake.  It was pretty simple to make, tasted delicious, although the general consensus at our house was that I should have used strawberries instead of cherries, but it was yummy, none the less.  You can find the recipe for it here.

Cherry Shortcake

The next dessert I made was Chocolate Raspberry Hearts.  This was also very simple, except I had some difficulty shaping them into the hearts, but once I got the hang of it, it went fairly quickly.  It was, by far, my favorite of the two, full of hazelnut chocolate yumminess.  Here is the link for the recipe, I highly recommend it.

Chocolate Raspberry Heart
The Mister and I are planning a little Valentine's Day date and I have been searching for a dress to wear.  You may remember that discussion from this post where I shared a variety of Modcloth dresses with you.  Well, I have looked for weeks and just could not make a decision on a dress until time got away from me and I was afraid that which ever one I chose would not arrive in time.  I was also struggling with paying that much for a dress, that hopefully would become to large for me in the future, being that I am determined to loose some of my midsection.  

With all that being said, you may remember from this post, that I had plans to make a dress using the Vogue 8728 pattern, so I decided to break out the sewing machine and give it a whirl.  I used a jersey knit because I wasn't wanting it to be too formal and I wanted to be comfortable.   

Vogue 8728

Jersey Knit

Look for a future post on how this baby sewed up and what I think I will do differently next time I use this pattern.  So, what have you dolls been up to lately?


  1. What a scrumptiously fantastic pizza feast! Your heart shaped pie is so cute! I've had good success (even with gluten-free crusts) using fresh mozzarella in a homemade stuffed crust pizzas (Tony likes fresh buffalo mozzarella because that's what he grew up with in Italy, but I prefer the taste of cow's milk mozza - either works here though).

    Happiest Valentine's Day wishes!!!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I will give them a try!

  2. You pizzas look super yummy. My hubby and I LOVE pizza. We began making our own using Boboli to save money on ordering pizza for the $25 we were spending on one we could easily make 4. Those desserts are drool worthy. I love dessert but sometimes I feel bad eating dessert. Not that we eat a lot of dessert but still.

    I love the fabric for the dress. I also like that pattern but it wouldn't flatter y frame very well. Can't wait to see it.

    1. Thanks Mariela, and I know what you mean about the price of pizza. Making it yourself, you can control what and the quality of ingredients that go into it. And as far as desserts go, that's my problem, I eat it WAY to often! lol

  3. I love the pizza! I made a heart shaped one last year. Instead of string cheese, I would cut slices of mozzarella instead and use that in the crust.

    1. Thats a great idea! I will give it a try. Thanks!


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