Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gift Ideas For Dad

Father's Day is fast approaching so, if you haven't already gotten your gift, I thought I would share some unique ideas to help you out.
Whiskey Stones
Here we have some whiskey stones that you would place in your glass to chill your drink without diluting it.  This is an awesome idea that doesn't have to be used only with alcohol, you can place them in your Coke Zero too.  Get a set of nine for $19.50, here.

Collectors Playing Cards
For the fishing enthusiast we have a collectors set of playing cards displaying fishing lures from the 1800s to the 1940s.  It also includes a set of 5 dice.  It's currently on sale here for $11.97.

R2-D2 cufflink usb flash drive

These are a pricey option but would be perfect for a Star Wars fan, each silver-plated, enamel R2-D2 cufflink is also a 2GB USB flash drive.  You can find them here for $199.95

Gorillatorch 100 flashlight

Have you ever tried to work on something and needed an extra hand to hold the flashlight?  Well, this solves that problem.  Find it here for $29.95

Sigg Travel Water Bottle

For your sportsman, how about a Sigg travel water bottle.   These Swiss made bottles are ecologically sound, reusable and easily recycled.  They come in a wide array of colors and designs as well as sizes.  You can find them here and they run from around $15 to $32.

Hope these help to inspire you when picking out Dad's gift.  Happy shopping!


  1. You know a few years ago Dad picked out a aluminum bottle at the dollar store and practically used it every day. They are really handy with a d-ring clip.

  2. Whiskey stones are such a great invention! Tony loves a cold drink (no matter the beverage - save for things like tea and coffee, though he does like both of those in iced form, too), so I'll have to remember these as a stocking stuffer or other future gift for him. Thanks!!!

    Happy Father's Day wishes to your DH!
    ♥ Jessica

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