Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

My Dad in Elementary School

Today is my Daddy's birthday.

He is the world's greatest man in my eyes.

On this, his 68th birthday, we are watching him struggle and the life drain from him.

It is a very painful time in our lives.

But we will cherish every moment we have left.

So here's to my Dad, my first true love.

My dad at around 15 years of age.

Dad in the early 60s working on a fence.

Dad in 1964

My Dad with his dad and grandmother in the early 60s

Dad was what is known in these parts as a 'Shade Tree Mechanic' when he was young and then later in life he owned his own Garage.  My brother still runs this garage today.

My dad with my older sister and myself in 1964

Dad and a baby me in 1964.  You can see my older sister in the background on the left.

My Dad (back row on left) with his parents and his brothers in the early 60s.  Dad had three sisters that are not included in this photo.  My grandfather passed away not long after.

Dad in the mid 60s.  He was a 'stylin' man!

Dad with my Grandma - his mother-in-law.  I've spoke before about living near my Grandma when we were growing up and my Dad always took care of her.

Dad around 1968

Dad with my older sister around 1963

Dad with my sister and I in 1967

Mom and Dad, myself and my sister around 1968 - I started to not include this photo because it has some water damage from being stored in our basement for years but I loved my mom's dress and decided to share it anyway.
Me and my Dad playing a game at my 16th Birthday party in 1980

My Dad playing in the kiddie pool with the Grandkids in 2002

My Dad with my twins in 1994

Dad clearing off some property.  He was always working, not one to sit still very long.

Dad in 2005 with 9 of his 20 grandchildren and 2 of his 14 great-grandchildren.

Dad in 1975

 Happy Birthday Daddy!!


  1. You have such a wonderful family. Such great photos and memories.

    I have very few photos of my father. I still talk to him but we were never very close.

  2. I'm deeply sorry that your beloved father is suffering, Denise. Thank you for celebrating him and his life (and the family he helped create) with us here today. Happiest birthday wishes going out straight from my heart to him.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Daddy! Struggling or not, he is a very lucky man... because he is obviously well loved- and what better accomplishment could he ask for than to be well loved?

  4. Such a blessing to have such a father! Praying for you and your family as you go through this. As a daddy's girl, my heart breaks for you all.

  5. Im so sorry to hear that our father is not doing well. I lost my father two years ago when he was 64 and it was very hard for me because I was always very close to him, and not at all close to my mom. I know I was so lucky to have him and you and your dad are lucky as well


  6. I'm just so tremendously sorry. I lost my dad a few years ago and it is so so difficult. I hope his suffering eases and that your family always remembers these wonderful memories you've shared today. He was such a cutie! Your mom was quite the looker too. I love that photo with her and him with you and your sister.
    Peace to you,

  7. My dear,
    You dear was a LOOKER! :)
    I hope he'll be better.
    Do tell him a "very, very happy birthday" from me!


  8. So very sorry to read this, my heart just breaks for you! He looks like he lived a happy life. The picture of your parents & you & your sister is so cute. <3

    My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

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