Thursday, January 24, 2013

Past Outfits

I haven't shown you what I've been wearing for a while so here are some outfits that I wore the over the last few months.

Freddies of Pinewood jeans

This is my very first pair of Freddies of Pinewood jeans and they are a little tight so I have only worn them a couple of times.   Not really sure if I like them yet or if it's just because they don't fit properly.  I have paired them with a cardigan from Sears which is no longer available but you can find a similar one here.  And a stripped tee from Old Navy which is no longer available.  The snowman earrings came from Avon ages ago and the little terrier pin was a gift from a co-worker.  I have styled my hair using my Glam Time hair extensions.

Capelet and boots

I really can't remember where any of this outfit was purchased except I think the boots came from Shoe Carnival a few years ago.  The dress is a very soft brown knit thats really quite comfortable, usually I shy away from those types of dresses because they can be clingy in the wrong places.  I love the built in cape on the jacket and I have added the belt because it didn't come with one.  My hair was hot rolled the day before and I slept on it that night, so you can tell which side I sleep on, its the side with less curl.

Beading and embroidery

I have had this beaded blouse for years and I must say that it's not holding up that well.  It has several tears in the seams that Im going to have to try to repair.  If I remember correctly I purchased it at TJ Maxx.  The skirt came from Dress Barn but is no longer there, the shoes are about 15 years old and I have no idea where they came from but I have a brown pair just like them.  The flower in my hair was a gift from my D-I-L, my hair was done with hot rollers, and the necklace came from a yard sale.

Stripes and polka dots

This cape was a gift from my hubby and it came from Belk.  I can't find it on their website, but Im sure its still available in their stores.  The blouse is a couple years old from JCPenney.  Im wearing the same flower in my hair again and my hair is just messily placed into a pony-tail.  Not a lot going for me that day, I wasn't feeling too well.

Gold lurex and emerald green

This is the outfit I wore to our office Christmas luncheon.  The top is a gold lurex and can be kind of itchy so it doesn't get worn a lot.  I bought it at a local factory's discount sale.  The skirt is a lovely emerald green with a pleated panel on the bottom back and its old from JCP.  The earrings I have had for ages and the shoes came from a discount outlet store.  My hair was set on hot rollers.

Hand knit sweater

This is a very casual outfit on a dress down office day.  The boots are the same ones from above.  I can't remember where the pants came from, they are several years old.  The top and sweater both came from Charlotte Russe a couple of years ago and are no longer available.  The necklace is my Origami Owl locket that I blogged about here.  And again, I'm wearing my Glam Time hair extensions.

Leather and turquoise

This lovely leather jacket came from Maurices about 5 or more years ago so Im sure its no longer available.  I can't remember where the top came from but the pants are Nike yoga pants and I would live in them year round if I could get by with it, they are that comfortable.  The jewelry is from Premier Designs and the barrette I have had for years and can't remember where it came from.  The shoes are a cute little pair of flats that I picked up at TJMaxx. 

So that's what I've been wearing lately.  The weather here has been so fickle, one day its 70 degrees and four days later it snowed a foot!  It's hard to plan your wardrobe around that kind of temperature change.  What have you been wearing?


  1. Love the hair extensions would never know they were there!

    1. Thanks! I love them but havent really figured out a lot of different hairstyles for them. I think Im going to have to pick a weekend and just play with my hair. lol

  2. You know I think I have that same cardi from outfit #1 in a pink. It's Lands End, right? I snagged it from the goodwill rack. It's so soft.

    1. It is Lands End so it must be the same one! I got mine off the clearance rack at Sears. I bought about 4 different sweaters that day, all for under $20 so I was happy. Sad part is that Ive put on so much extra weight lately that I cant wear two of them right now. Now if I can just motivate myself into losing again, ugh! I hate dieting!

  3. Wonderful outfits one and all! I adore your Freddies jeans! I think they're the same ones I have. I'd had such rotten luck with finding repro jeans or trousers that fit before I bought my Freddies, but now they're just about the only pants I wear (or own any more - so sense in holding onto things that will never work right for you).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree and I really need to purge things in my wardrobe that no longer work for whatever reason. I really wish my Freddies fit better but that could be real motivation for loosing weight.

  4. Oh every year I have Freddies put on my wishlist and I really should get them for this winter, Lovely outfits, I love your set in the first outfit.

  5. Love the cute terrier pin! Z

    1. Thanks! It was a Christmas gift several years ago from a co-worker.


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