Thursday, May 23, 2013

Art Deco Interiors

With the release of the Great Gatsby movie, which I recently reviewed for you, there has been an influx of 1920s style - everything from fashion to home decor. Here is a modern day example of whats available, fashion wise, with a very 1920s feel.

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There are some really amazing items in this collection and I could totally see myself sporting any number of them, but what I wanted to focus on today is art deco home decor.

The mood during the early 20th century was optimistic and hopeful, and like society's attitude, their interiors were sparkling and bright. There were sleek, glossy hardwood floors laid in geometric patterns. The gleaming furniture consisted of mirrored dressers, black lacquered cabinets and ebony veneered tables, chrome lamps and sparkling chandeliers. Area rugs and other fabric items were bright and colorful - consisting of zigzags, chevrons and sunbursts. Sweeping, curved lines and angular shapes were a common sight and brushed steel finishes and glass were used liberally as they contributed to the sleek, modern look.

Here are some great modern day examples as showcased on Houzz.

Art Deco bathroom

Modern Art Deco bedroom

Modern Art Deco bedroom

Contemporary Art Deco Living Room

Contemporary Staircase

Art Deco Entryway

Art deco style was modern for it's time, and it still has a very fresh, eclectic, contemporary feel today.  I believe that you could incorporate bits and pieces into any decor setting, don't you?


  1. I was having a huge problem with spammers a while back too. ANnoying as all get-out. I completely understand.

    So much loveliness. I wish I could afford it all. Especially the bathtub.

    1. Oh me too! I could just move right in any of these homes.

  2. I love the uniqueness of the art deco movement, but I guess I'm still fond of the mid century look.

  3. OMG that shower / bathroom (2nd photo down) is AMAZING! As are those entry doors (last picture).

  4. I adore that you shone the spotlight on deco decor in today's post. When I was little (here in Penticton) there were a few small deco homes in our neighbourhood - including one with those thick ice cube style windows (I don't know the technical term for them, I'm afraid), and I always wanted to be invited inside so I could see if the homeowners preserved or recreated deco style interiors. Most are gone these days, some twenty years later, but a few still remain around town, and I still hope I meet someone who invites me into one of them someday. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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