Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spotlight On: June Cleaver

For my "Spotlight On" series, I thought I would do something a little different and shine the spotlight on a tv character rather than the actress playing the part.  In honor of Mother's Day, I chose to shine that light on TV land's greatest mother, EVER, June Cleaver.

June, Beaver, and Wally

As a mother, June was nurturing, and tried her best to support her sons through all of their ordeals, even though her youngest son, “Beaver” had a hard time staying out of trouble.  She was dedicated to her family.  When the boys came home from school each day, you could always find June in the kitchen chopping vegetables, or basting a roast, or icing a cake.  And her kitchen was always immaculate as was the rest of the house.

June and Beaver in the kitchen

June was ladylike and slightly formal in personal appearance, always seen with perfectly coiffed hair and tasteful facial makeup. Her wardrobe consisted of simple but elegant dresses, suits, or skirts paired with blouses or sweaters and high-heeled pumps for shoes, and she always wore a pearl necklace, even when working in her garden.

June and Ward in the garden

She had a great intuition about what was going on in her sons lives and was quite the disciplinarian when she needed to be. She had a loving but no-nonsense approach to rambunctious sons Wally and Beaver. She met misbehavior with a knowing look and even tone, making surrender the only option. She was a loving, happy, stay at home mom.

June Cleaver the disciplinarian

So in short, she was a perfect mother, who was perfectly dressed, and kept a perfectly clean home.  How can I ever live up to that standard?  

June checking on her boys

Well, here's what I think.  June remained calm when things got out of control at home, she tried to protect her sons by teaching them right from wrong, and she stood her ground when anything got in the way of that.  Above all else, she was loving and nurturing, that's what makes her the perfect mother in my point of view, and that standard is one I can strive to achieve.

June and Beaver

Happy Mother's Day to all of you "perfect" mothers!


  1. Fantastic post and vintage woman to shine the spotlight on today. I've always thought June was a beautiful woman, wonderful mom, and seriously stylish dresser, and this post really drives all of those points home.

    Happiest Mother's Day wishes, my dear friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. This is such a fun post idea! I love a spotlight on June. She was always so impeccably elegant.


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