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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Queen of Mod

Today marks the 63rd birthday of Lesley Lawson, widely known as Twiggy.  In the 1960s, as a teenager, she became a prominent model of swinging London and is known as the world's first supermodel.  With her skinny figure, boyish pixie hair cut, and striking eyelashes, which many times she painted on the bottom, she created an image that defined an era.  Her look helped change the face of fashion forever, creating more A-line dresses with collars and neckties and inspired the military trends of today.

She went on to become an award winning actress, singer, designer, and author.  At the age of 63, she continues to model and is part of the very successful ad campaign for Marks & Spencer as well as her own collection of clothing exclusive to M&S online.  She also has a very successful line on the home shopping channel, HSN.

Her most recent album, Romantically Yours, was released in November 2011 to great reviews.  Her first album, Twiggy, recorded in 1976, included her top twenty UK hit Here I Go Again.

She has written two bestselling autobiographies, most recently, Twiggy In Black And White.

Twiggy is a timeless beauty, aging gracefully, and one in which whose looks have transcended decades.

Twiggy pink

Twiggy leather

Twiggy eyes


Twiggy dress

Twiggy necktie

Twiggy flowers

Twiggy eyelashes

Twiggy today


  1. While 60s Twiggy was a definitely one of the most iconic faces of the era, I think she's even more beautiful today and love the fact that she's been able to reinvent herself and stay in the spotlight for so many decades.

    ♥ Jessica


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