Monday, August 20, 2012

Adventures in Hair Extensions

I have been very busy lately with family issues plus I am feeling run down and under the weather today, so forgive me for being late with my posts.  Even so, I did want to let you dolls in on my new adventure.  I placed an order a few weeks ago for hair extensions with Glam Time.   I love having shorter hair as it lends itself nicely for those styles of the 50s and the 20s and 30s.  I can get some 40s and 60s styles in there too but I was wanting to be able to do some of the longer styles of those eras.  Think Veronica Lake or Brigitte Bardot.  

So, I ordered hair extensions to play with.  I chose to order from Glam Time because they offered high quality human hair at a reasonable cost, plus they had free international shipping.  My package arrived about 10 days after I placed my order.   I had intentionally ordered them a color that appeared lighter than my current hair color because I was afraid I would not be able to match my hair exactly and I planned to dye them to my color.  I ordered the Chestnut Brown #6 color but was a little surprised by just how light they actually were.  But no biggie, hopefully the dye would match up.  

I started out by dying the extensions with my usual color of choice.

I placed the extensions onto a sheet of aluminum foil to protect my counter tops and used my normal process of coloring my own hair.  After each piece was thoroughly saturated with color, I folded them up and let them sit the allotted processing time.

I then rinsed them and gently squeezed the water out, placing them on a towel to air dry for a few hours.

After I let them dry for a while, I then pin curled them and set them aside to dry overnight.

It actually took them about 48 hours to dry on their own.  WOW!  I was not expecting that!  Before I show you what they look like on, here is a shot of my normal, unstyled hair.  It has just been blown dry.  (Please forgive the tired face.) 

And here I am with the hair extensions clipped in.  I purchased the 120 gram set and I am very pleased with the amount of hair that I got.  In fact, in the pictures that follow, I am not even wearing all of the hair pieces.

In this last photo, I only have the two 6" wide extensions in and I think it looks very natural.

I think I will keep them pin curled and stored wrapped in a scarf so that I won't have to wash them very often, but I can't wait to actually get to style them and wear them out!  What do you guys think?

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