Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Out and About: Hometown Girl

The Mister and I had to go to my hometown to deliver some packing boxes to my daughter since she is moving.  I grew up in the neighboring town from where we live now and to say that its a small town is an understatement.  You know the old saying, "Blink and you will miss it", well it's talking about my hometown.  It covers about a 2 mile square radius.  It was the home of Dr. Charles T. Pepper who was the original inspiration for the soft drink Dr Pepper, or so some say.  You can read about the conflicting stories of the creation of Dr Pepper here.

It is a friendly town where everybody knows everybody, very rich in history and traditions.  You can read about the town's history here.  When the railroad came through, the town began to grow and was once known as the cabbage center of the world.  O. Winston Link photographed our little depot.

O. Winston Link photograph
It was one of his favorite photographs and one of three that he chose to go to the Library of Congress.

This is the depot today, it is in quite a state of disrepair.  A foundation has been formed with the purpose of acquiring, restoring, and maintaining the depot for the community.  You can visit this website to help by making a donation, or to read more about the Rural Retreat Depot.

While we were in Rural Retreat, we decided to treat each other to breakfast at Joey's Country Kitchen.  If you ever pass through Rural Retreat, Virginia, you have to eat at Joey's, and don't forget to try a slice of her famous peanut butter pie.  Yum!

After breakfast we thought we would go for a little drive around town.  Here are a few pictures from our drive.

We then thought we would go to the local antiques store and browse around.  I was so happy when I found this little gal and we promptly placed her on the dash of my car where she happily hulas away.

I also found some cute bangles - a girl can never have too many!

And this sweet set of books.

Overall, we had a very fun and relaxing day and I can't wait until we can hit the road again.

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