Monday, August 6, 2012

Trend: Pastel Hair

A current trend for the tresses is pastel colors.  This really intrigues me and if I were younger, I would sooo be doing this.  In fact, several years back, before this was the "IN" thing to do, my daughter had me dye her hair a nice fluorescent pink for her high school graduation knowing it would make her easier to spot in the sea of black cap and gowns.  We did it several days before graduation so by the actual day it had faded somewhat to a cute orangish color, which was appropriate since her school colors were orange and black.  

While other parents frowned at her individuality, I stood proud knowing that I had raised my daughter to not be afraid to express herself,, she graduated 3rd in her class.

Here are some photos I found of several lovely ladies sporting pastel hair.  

Courtney Vogler

Nicki Minaj
Kelly Osbourne

Lady GaGa

And of course, one could not forget the ever beautiful Katy Perry.

I think I am partial to the pink.

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