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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Achieve Jackie's Style

Jackie Kennedy was a style icon that women still strive to imitate.  She always looked fabulous and put together, full of poise, grace and beauty.  She revolutionized women's wear in the 50's and 60's and understood less is more.

She loved wearing designer clothing and even though these creations were out of reach for most of us, her look was easily translated, becoming affordable and attainable.  Here's 7 ways to achieve her classy, casual style.

    Black and White Jackie's favorite look was white on the bottom and black on the top. This is a very easy style to imitate. Start with classic white trousers or a-line skirt, add a black top pulled down over your hips. Add a 3-strand pearl necklace and large sunglasses - instant Jackie style.
Jackie Kennedy Barefoot in Rome 1966
Barefoot in Rome 1966 (AFP/Getty Images)

    Well Fitted Jacket Jackie was well known for wearing fitted jackets with quarter and bracelet length sleeves, which could be paired with skirts, trousers, or jeans. Look for those with large buttons down the front or a belt around the waist to emphasize your figure and to give you a clean, polished look.
Jackie Kennedy trench coat 1970
1970 (Getty Images)

    Sleeveless In a time when baring your shoulders was considered a fashion faux-pas, Jackie dared to step out with bare arms. She mostly went sleeveless with her evening attire but could also be seen wearing sleeveless dresses, such as shifts, at other functions as well. To achieve this look, go with simple dresses in solid colors.
Jackie Kennedy sleeveless dress 1969
1969 (Gamma-Rapho)

    Turtlenecks Jackie made the black turtleneck elegant. She would frequently pair it with flared trousers or an a-line skirt and trench coat. Wearing black on top gives you instant elegance, will trim your midsection, plus it's easy to accessorize.
Jackie Kennedy turtleneck 1969
1969 (Getty Images)

    Pearls Jackie made the 3 strand pearl necklace a signature trend. Whether with a dress and white gloves or pants and a t-shirt, you can pair pearls with any outfit for instant class and elegance.
Jackie with JFK, Jr 1962
With John F. Kennedy Jr. August 1962 (AP photo)

    Scarf Scarves were one of Jackie's most used accessories. She could be found wearing a head scarf paired with a fitted tee and capris or tied around her neck while wearing a simple dress. You could also tie it to your purse for instant color.
Jackie in Pucci scarf 1962
1962 (Photo by Irving Penn)

    Sunglasses Jackie was known for her large, signature sunglasses. They are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.
Jackie in signature sunglasses 1975
1975 (Getty Images)

    Remember, to achieve the easy elegance of Jackie's style, you need to keep it simple and streamlined. Fill your closet with timeless and classic pieces and great accessories that you can mix or match for any occasion.  


  1. I could do just about all of this except the sunglasses. I have a bunch of scarves and yet they hardly get any use. :-(

  2. Lovely! She truly channeled Audrey. They both worked the "less is more" very well as did Grace Kelly. Fantastic series hun! xox

  3. Terrific elements of Jackie's wardrobe to highlight. I completely agree - if someone filled their closest primarily with such garments and accessories, it would be hard not to echo Jackie's refined, timelessly elegant style.

    ♥ Jessica


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