Monday, November 26, 2012

My Origami Owl Locket

I recently discovered Origami Owl through a friend who has become an Independent Designer for the company.  The business was started in 2010 by a 14 year old girl wanting to save up enough money to purchase a car by the time she was 16.  - It always thrills me to see young folk succeeding at their goals.

The slogan for Origami Owl is this - "You tell stories with words...we tell ours with jewelry".  There's what they call "Living Lockets" in which you choose charms to place inside to tell your story.  Every locket is custom designed with your choices to tell your story or represent the things you love.  There are so many different ways to customize and create a piece of jewelry that is truly unique to you.

Origami Owl

Here are some examples of what you can create.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

And here is my own personal locket and how it's designed today.  That is part of what makes these so awesome, you can change them out and mix them up with your different charms, dangles, etc. and basically have a different piece every time you wear it.  Or, have more than one!

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Inside my locket you will find a heart and the initial "D" for my Mister, a doggie bone for my English Mastiff, Tucker, a kitty for my British Shorthair kitten we are getting in a couple weeks, as of yet, still unnamed, a red high heel for my love of fashion, and cherries to represent my retro style.  I've also attached a Victorian key dangle and a heart shaped lock.  The dangles clip on with a lobster claw clasp so you can switch them out.  In the future I plan on filling my locket with my 6 kids birthstones and another one for my 7 grandkids.  And I'm sure there will be others, the possibilities are endless.

If you haven't ever heard of them, please check it out.  I truly love my locket and I know you will too!


  1. How immensely pretty and creative! I'm thoroughly impressed that this line was launched by such a young entrepreneur, too. The charms that you choice are so wonderfully lovely - I'm especially fond of the cherries and cute dog bone.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. So true Jessica, I love seeing young people set goals for themselves and not only setting them, but achieving them.

      There are so many charms to chose from, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few! lol


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