Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Table

Our family typically does Thanksgiving dinner buffet style which leaves room for a beautiful centerpiece on the table.  This year I wanted to do something different from the usual pumpkins, gourds, and mums so I started gathering inspiration.  Here are some of my favorites.

cake plate filled with pinecones, nuts, etc.
Take a glass cake stand and fill the dome lid with nuts, pinecones, leaves, berries, glass ornaments, potpourri etc then place the bottom on and flip it back over.

wine bottle candle holders
Take your old wine bottles and fill them with grains, rice, or spices, pop in some candles, add ribbon or twine and voila!  

vases filled with nuts
How about creating your centerpiece out of all different nuts and greenery.  I like that all the different heights and shapes of the containers create interest.

bell peppers hollowed out vases
How simple is this?  Hollow out some bell peppers and add some fall flowers.  Perfect for a small space.

Fruit and leaves display
Fruit in a pedestal bowl interspersed with fall leaves.  Very simple yet festive.

pumpkins, gourds, fruit in muted color tones
I like the monochromatic tones of this display and the sprigs of wheat to add texture.

corn husk wrapped votives
Wrap corn husks around votives or vases and add candles and flowers.  I like the purples incorporated in this look instead of the typical oranges for the holiday.

twigs, berries, feathers fall centerpiece
This has a very primative feel to it with the ribbon, berries, twigs and feathers.  You could change it entire feel by choosing different colors.

mercury glass centerpiece
I love how the candlelight bounces and shimmers off of the mercury glass.  Throw in some berries and twigs and this makes a grand display.

vegetables carved into bouquet
How fun is this!  A bouquet carved out of vegetables.  You could practice this one and every time you mess up, eat the boo boos. 

seeds, beans, nuts in candle holder
How colorful is this, using different seeds, beans, nuts or legumes and placing a candle inside.  These are things that most people have in the pantry already and you could potentially use them in a soup with the leftovers after dinner.

vegetable candle holders
How about using vegetables as candle holders!  The green beans and asparagus placed around the candle and held by a ribbon, or the artichokes hollowed out with the candle placed inside.

All of these have given me lots of inspiration and ideas.  What do you plan to put on your Thanksgiving table?


  1. I like the cake stand idea, I have a big glass stand that usually sits on my counter empty!

  2. Me too and thats the one Im really leaning towards using. Its a simple but elegant idea and everything is contained.

  3. These are all so immensely lovely! I'm especially fond of the glass cake stands and carved veggie bouquet (I think one would need a fair bit of carving skills for sure to replicate that one though).

    ♥ Jessica


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