Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions

November turkey calendar
I can safely say that besides Christmas, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, partly because I love to eat, but mainly because of what this holiday means to me.  The thankfulness of all that has been bestowed upon me.  To me, the very word, Thanksgiving, evokes images of family, in which I have been richly blessed.  It also brings to mind roasted turkey, an assortment of pies, a change in the weather, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  And let's not forget about the Black Friday shopping extravaganza.  

Sales shoppers
The Holidays in my family are steeped in tradition.  For Thanksgiving, we women gather at my parents house and work long hours preparing the feast.  

Vintage mom & daughter roasting turkey

Vintage mom & daughter preparing turkey
The parade is always commencing on the tv while we create our delectables and it helps keep the kiddos occupied.  Most of the men folk in my family are hunters and spend the morning hours out in the woods.   

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1950 - 1951

Macy's Parade 1959 Popeye
Dinner is always buffet style because our family is too huge to actually all fit around a table.  

Vintage Mom carrying turkey to table

Vintage mom and kids carrying turkey
My father always carves the turkey and then he blesses our food.

Saturday Evening Post girl saying blessing
After the meal, we spend a lot of time just sitting around enjoying each others company and then we break out the sales papers and begin our plan of action for the craziness that is Black Friday.

Vintage coke advertisement for Thanksgiving
Does your family have any Thanksgiving Day traditions?


  1. We have started a new tradition of deep frying the turkey now at my parent's house. My father and the men hang out in the garage while the women prepare the food in the house. It's worth it that turkey is soooo good.

    1. We've done that a couple times too, Trina, and it is delicious.

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  3. What a heartwarmingly lovely post. Thanksgiving is thoroughly important up here, too, but it's never become quite as big a deal (IMO) in Canada as it is for you guys in the States. I love how the end of November becomes a joyful celebration of family, food, and blessings, and am certainly observing in spirit with you this week.

    Happiest Thanksgiving wishes, dear lady!
    ♥ Jessica


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